Kyle Reynolds Art
Expressionistic Contemporary and Primitive Art

Schizophrenic Artist Kyle Reynolds


Art Transcends the unspeakable opening up new Worlds


Schizophrenia touches the lives of so many....yet so few speak up about it. I am a proud Schizophrenic artist or a proud artist with Schizophrenia. If I can help even one person feel ok with having Schizophrenia then my job is done.




Expressionistic portrait by self taught schizophrenic artist kyle reynolds

"Love Birds" 11x 14 inches on ready to hang gallery wrapped canvas

As Cliche as it always sounds when you find true love everything seems brighter. You know what I hope this admission of Lobe sounds cliche because everything that is makes sense to me now

"Mom" A tribute 16x20" acrylic


1953-2010 Mom you had a smile that could light up the Moon. Everything you did in Life was out of the kindness of your Heart. You were pure and full of Love and Beauty. You will be missed everyday. Everything good in me came from you I love you and will live everyday in your honour. God bless you mamama

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